"Le Bon Roi Rene"

Once upon a time - the story could begin, just as in a fairy tale - over five hundred years ago, there was a King of Sicily and Duke of Anjou who was called Good King Rene. His subjects loved him because he knew how to secure their prosperity, and they did not begrudge him the many splendid castles he owned throughout his lands, nor the festive parties and entertainments he gave there.
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Le Chateau de Saumur
Where fairytale and realty converge


King Rene
"of Good Report"

         One of these many castles was also a favorite retreat for himself and his young wife whenever he wanted to withdraw to write his books in peaceful surroundings. For he was not only a king, but the author of stories about knighthood, intrepid journeys in search of adventure, heroic deeds, and the human hearts' loves and sorrows. To help his readers understand his words all the better, his books were illustrated with paintings so lively and skillful that their beauty still lives today.

       Much of this fairy tale is historic fact, particularly the paintings in the books of Rene, and a sequence of sixteen illuminated folios from his principal work is reproduced here. If they are to be understood, the persons and events of the fairy tale underlying them must be moved into the light of historical reality.

ene D'Anjou, although little known today, was one of the most industrious and influential figures of his time and for generations to follow.
Chroniclers have considered him a major impetus behind the phenomenon called the renaissance or, as some would say,
"Rene's Essence".
~ ~ ~ He came in the course of his life to hold an awesome array of titles. Among the most important were Count of Bar, Count of Provence, Count of Piedmont, Count of Guise, Duke of Calabria, Duke of Lorraine, Duke of Anjou, King of Hungary, King of Sicily, King of Aragon, King of Valencia, King of Majorca, King of Sardinia and most resonant of all the King of Jerusalem.

ene was the man that rode at Jeanne D'arc's side in her Crusade to Orleans.. Rene is the man that Christopher Columbus acknowledges in his journals as the man that gave him his first ship's commission.

Rene was the man who inspired his friends, Cosimo de Medici and the ruling Sforza family of Milan, to collect manuscripts from throughout the world creating the first library of Europe open to the people. The Library of San Marco now made available, for the first time, the thinking and ideas that had been suppressed for centuries opening into the renaissance and out of the dark ages.

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"King Rene ....of good report"

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of Rene and his 2nd wife Jeanne DeLaval

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Le Cueur D'Amours Esprit

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~ Rene's Tournament Book on rules of jousting,
written cc1460 ~ Archived in the Russian National Library,
Saint Petersburg Codex Fr. F. XIV. no. 4
"Traictie de la forme et devis d'ung tourny"
French & English Versions
As presented by: Elizabeth Bennett
BODY ARMOR As illustrated by Rene

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Grandson of Good King Rene

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Jeanne d'Arc , her crusade to Orleans

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"It happened to me that King Rene sent me to Tunis..."

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King Renes abode, built 1450,
becomes a historical hospital in 1565,
now a french tourist inn

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In works ~ King Rene's private Life and Court
It is of interest that both of Nostradamus' Grandfathers were Court physicians
to King Rene along with the father of Leonardo DeVinci

C. Preston Guice